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Brand Identity for Future Future, a moody & contemporary restaurantAoiroStudioOct 30, 2019

Fun story that is making the news lately, the original Blade Runner movie was released back in 1982 but here is the fun fact. The movie was set in the imaginary world of 2019, therefore in a few weeks we will ACTUALLY be in 2019. It’s pretty cool to relive how they envisioned the future back in the early 80s. In relation to this story, we are sharing the brand identity for Future Future, a low-spirited & contemporary restaurant combining Japanese and Melbournian heritage. Designed by A Friend of Mine, a design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. I just love the pattern design used for the façade that is used as a filter for the amount of light and to create a subtle but interesting branding presence through shadows throughout the interiors. What a moody feel!

Future Future is a new eatery dedicated to serving bespoke yet accessible Japanese cuisine, filtered through an Australian consciousness. An old Richmond art gallery has been transformed into a refined and cool dining experience with unexpected quirks, an homage to Japanese street style and culture.

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Brand Identity for Future Future, a moody & contemporary restaurant