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A story of weight within us.

Directed by ? Sava Zivkovic

Written by ? Sava Zivkovic, Milan Nikolic, Nebojsa jez

Art Direction / Concept Design ? Milan Nikolic

Character Artist ? Antonio Esparza

Asset Artist ? Mihailo Radosevic

Rigging ? Borna Berc / Bunker VFX

Motion Capture / Character Animation ? Take One

Motion Capture Performance by ? Nebojsa Jez

Environments / Rendering / Compositing ? Sava Zivkovic

Sound Design ? Echoic

Original Score by ? Iz Svemira


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Dissection is a conceptual work inspired by medical practice used in pathology and forensic medicine.

It consists in the separation of the parts of an organism so that its anatomical structures and relationships can be studied. We have modeled different structures in 3d to later integrate them into human and animal models, thus creating poetic dissected compositions. We have also done a color study using chiaroscuro to give more realism and depth to each piece.

AURORA Biennal

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AURORA is a biennial exhibition of light, video, and audio-based art. The 2018 edition, dubbed “Future Worlds”, invited visitors to imagine a series of possible futures and think critically about the direction our world might take.

We developed a new master AURORA brand and a “Future Worlds” specific brand for the 2018 exhibition. The stark black and white brand identity serves as a canvas for the vibrant color of the artwork itself and represents the after-dark setting of the event.

Witcher 3 portraits

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Some realistic portraits of The Witcher 3 main characters

Better Booch

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In 2011, Trey and Ashleigh Lockerbie founded Better Booch with a mission to bring health and wellness to their community. From local farmers markets in LA to recognized grocery chains such as Safeway, Sprouts and Whole foods, their premium small craft Kombucha brand continues to grow nationally. In 2018, Better Booch felt it was time for a brand refresh with the hopes of entering 2019 with a brand and packaging design that cohesively communicates their premium product with a fun and uplifting personality. Through research and strategy, Farm Design developed a complete branding system that included new brand marks, a packaging design with strong shelf impact, an energetic and approachable color palette for their consumers, brand voice, and custom illustrations to capture the essence of a positive healthy lifestyle.

Illustrations by Christopher DeLorenzo


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The Magic Plant is the second part of Stella?s Home (the metagame of “Bubble Witch 3 saga” game) where you can create an entire customizable environment for your Star Cats, the Stella?s new friends.

Le Petit Soldat

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Le Petit Soldat is a Mexican independent production company with wide international reach dedicated to the generation of high quality content. It is the first production company in Mexico to produce for Sony Pictures International.


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Stories From Bangkok

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Stories From Bangkok

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