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Editorial Design: Centro Cultural Jardín JaponésAoiroStudioMay 25, 2019

Let’s kick it off with a beautiful branding & editorial design by Angello Torres who is a graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ver Para Oír / Jardín Japonés translated to See To Hear / Japanese Garden and I simply love this project. The mixture of the culture, colours and you just gotta love that font Avant Garde who has been my go-to font for years. Check it out, this project is beautifully shown in execution and presentation.

Seeing To hear is a festival carried out within the cultural framework offered by the Japanese Garden, in which the senses of sight and hearing merge crossing each other generating new forms of perception, carried out from different sound activities and visuals. “hear colors, perceive sounds and observe silence”

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Editorial Design: Centuro Cultural Jardín Japonés