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Packaging & Branding: SCHEMA|食在有藝Arc&ArtAoiroStudioMay 17, 2019

There is a beauty to see designs translated in various languages and again it’s even more inspiring to see it coming from different backgrounds from all over the World. Let’s take a look at the work of 劉家芸 liujiayun who is a graphic designer & illustrator based in Taipei City, Taiwan. First of all, I am so attracted by the art direction with colours and concepts for SCHEMA|食在有藝Arc&Art. It’s a stunning design and you should definitely check out her Behance.

蘊藏 體會 無窮色彩 婚禮賦予人們的,既是有形的儀式,更是無窮的未來。 生活即是猶如彩虹(Arc en ciel)般,擁有千變萬化的無限色彩。 以不同的角度體會,便可以感受到箇中層次。 以不同的心情品味,便可以感受到其中溫度。 Arc en ciel/生活蘊藏無窮色彩


  • CI/Packaging Design : 劉家芸 Liu Jia Yun
  • Print : 感官文化印刷
  • Photo : Yo yang 楊雅淳

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Packaging & Branding: SCHEMA|食在有藝Arc&Art