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Pure Fun Typography on Billboards – Songs And The City seriesAoiroStudioMay 21, 2019

Feeling the 90s nostalgia on this one! Kae aka Hello This Is Kae is an art director based in Berlin, Germany. Her series: Songs And The City is a purely fun typographic endeavor to turn 80s/90s hits into visuals. Simple as that, but these pieces are amusing and you truly do start whispering the songs yourself. Most of us are from that era and these songs are timeless! We are living now with such standard with our user experience design and yet it’s always top to see designers going out of their comfort zone with typography. I hope we will see more of Kae in the near future, make sure to follow her experiments on her Instagram.

Do you ever have those days when you wake up and have a song stuck in your head for no reason? Not something you heard in a bar or on Netflix. It just comes into your mind unannounced and stays there for the day. You go outside, put the song on Spotify, take the transport and then start seeing it everywhere. It’s on the walls, in the subway, in all the billboards, posters, street signs.

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Pure Fun Typography on Billboards - Songs And The City series