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Smart Typography and Graphic Design Treatment for AdvertisingabduzeedoFeb 18, 2019

I grew up watching “futebol”, that’s the way we call soccer in Brazil. My father was the one that introduced us to the passion behind this sport in Brazil. We used to go to pretty much every soccer game that our local team would play. In Brazil you root for your team and that’s it, you don’t support or even sympathize with any other team. I believe that is the root of the passion behind soccer in my home country. My local team is called Gremio and it had its moments, the highlight, without any doubt, was in 1983 when they won the World Cup for clubs in Japan. The reason I bring this up is that I saw this incredible advertising piece that blends typography, graphic design, and photo manipulation to create a truly remarkable effect. The super talented people behind it are Bruno Miranda and Gelmi Art Studio

The artwork recreates the idea that the cover of the newspaper is made out of the soccer jersey stitching lines. It was commissioned by Topper, the brand that sponsors Gremio for their uniform. As a fan of the club and any typography type of manipulation, I had to post it here. 

Advertisement created to Topper, sports brand, using soccer shirt stitching lines.

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